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The Best Home Tanning Beds of 2017 – Buyers Guide

The best at-home tanning beds, delivered right to your door

Shopping for a tanning bed for your house is definitely not the easiest thing (not too many reviews out there for these), but the convenience of having your own tanning bed at your disposal can be well worth the search!

Imagine, no more time wasted by having to wait for the other people at the salon to finish using the bed. (So annoying!)

No more wondering about how clean the bed actually is. Just pure convenience and a golden tan at your fingertips.

If this sounds like it would be right up your alley, then stick around and scroll through this guide. It should help point you in the right direction for finding the perfect tanning bed for your home.

In this tanning bed buyers guide, we break down the features, pros, cons and popular opinions about each tanning bed one by one.

We’ll start the guide off with our overall value top pick:

Sunfire 24 Tanning Bed

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Sunfire 12r Canopy Tanning Bed

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The Sunfire 24 is the winner of the editor’s choice for the best all-around value for any of the listed tanning beds.

This one has the best features overall out of the reviewed beds:

  • Extra-large tanning surface (78in-by-34in)
  • 24 lamps total, 12 on top and 12 on bottom make for very uniform and quick tanning sessions
  • This bed uses very glossy aluminum reflectors and ultra performance acrylic sheets in it’s construction
  • The tunnel design of the 24s completely surrounds the tanner for even tanning
  • The solar storm 24s is easy to setup, it comes 98% assembled out of the box
  • Utilizes normal 110-volt household outlets, no special plugs required
  • Total measurements are 83 x 39 inches (width x diameter)
  • Solar Storm offers a lifetime warranty on the bed’s frame 


Sunfire PRO 32 Deluxe Commercial Grade Tanning Bed

Sunfire 16 Tanning Bed


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